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Culture Stew

Dec 8, 2021

“A globally recognised authority on Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, Jonathan has a PhD from the London School of Economics which allows him to bring the academic rigour that his FTSE 100 clients expect.

He is currently writing a book to support his mission to help one million people around the world to make the workplace inclusive.”

On this episode of Culture Stew, Maria and Jonathan have an energetic and powerful conversation about Jonathan’s personal and professional journey into the Diversity and Inclusion field, service and contribution, identity, and how  leaders can enact sustainable change rather than engage in performative allyship. 

Listed below are items Jonathan mentions throughout the podcast. 

Thesis: Crafting an identity: an examination of the lived experiences of minority racial and ethnic individuals in the workplace

Meta Review of the Business Case for Diversity

The Performative Problem of Diversity and Inclusion

The Propaganda Problem of Diversity and Inclusion