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Culture Stew

May 24, 2023

The season 4 finale of the Culture Stew podcast is here! 

With the help of our editor, we've pulled together clips from 5 different episodes to remind you of what we talked about this season, to inspire you to listen to the full episode if you haven't and to encourage you to take action. 

This also gives us another...

May 11, 2023

On March 2nd, Maria Morukian and Roger Moreano hosted the first Culture Stew Conversation on LinkedIn Live: Segregating History: A conversation on anti-DEI efforts and what it means for DEI Practitioners, Educators, and Students

This event showcased a dynamic conversation between the two about the history of oppression...

Apr 26, 2023

Julia Gaspar-Bates, Roger, and Maria sit down to discuss the intricacies between DEI, intercultural communication, and community. 


"With a Bachelor's degree in the Romance Languages, Julia is fluent in French, Spanish, and Italian, and currently studying Brazilian Portuguese, and is able to incorporate a...

Mar 22, 2023

Systemic Racism is everywhere. Systemic Racism impacts every aspect of our society. Whether it is in the educational system, the job market, access to resources, access to financial programs, and how our communities are encouraged or discouraged to succeed and more so what success looks like.
Systemic Racism also...

Mar 8, 2023


Learning about ourselves, our brains, and how we are structured can lead to a better understanding of ourselves and others. Maria and Roger discuss bias, behavioral patterns, privilege, and more, with Shannon Murphy. 


Shannon Murphy, M.A.
CEO & Co-Founder

Shannon Murphy, CEO of BrainSkills@Work,...